MRI Steel Mobilizes with INVEX-GO Sales App

mri steel

MRI Steel Framing, a manufacturer of heavy duty, cold formed steel framing components with facilities located in Hindsdsale, Illinois, has implemented INVEX-GO, a real-time application that extends the power of INVEX to mobile devices. This versatile mobile app allows salespeople to have untethered access to their sales data anytime, anywhere.  

INVEX-GO allows MRI’s sales managers and salespeople to make timely, data-driven decisions by keeping track of business activity right from their mobile devices.  INVEX-GO turns vast amounts of valuable sales data from the INVEX enterprise databases into actionable intelligence.   

INVEX-GO includes a suite of mobile dashboards that go across the company’s operations to include branch sales activity, sales related customer information, and current inventory position. These dashboards provide both current and historical analysis data, all in real-time, allowing sales teams and managers to make impactful decisions by always having sales metrics at your fingertips. 

“These mobile applications help provide valuable information for our sales management to view our sales activity when away from our desks, as well as applications for our salespeople to view customer information prior to those important customer visits.” 
– Scott Richardson, Vice President of Sales and Marketing


  • Branch and Multi-Branch Scoreboard with Open Quotes, Bookings and Sales Analysis
  • Daily Scoreboard with Quote and Order Bookings, and Order Backlog Information
  • Customer Profile Dashboard
  • Salesperson Profile Dashboard
  • Inventory Summary with Tag Details and Certificate Lookup
  • Incoming Summary and PO Detail Lookup
  • Quote and Order Entry to allow a salesperson to quickly input Multi-Line Quote
  • Physical Inventory
  • Transport Load Verification
  • Shipping Holds
  • Tag Information

Since 2004, MRI Steel Framing ( has been a leading manufacturer of heavy duty, traditional flat-steel framing components. They are a proud, American owned and operated company led by a management team with over 40 years of combined industry knowledge and experience. 

Their entire line of cold formed steel framing components is designed and manufactured by the finest team of professionals in the framing industry. Steel framing products include metal studs, standard track, and slotted tracks. MRI also provides framing accessories such as resilient channel, furring channels, u-channels, angles, z-furring, and flat stock. 

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