INVEX software built for service centers focused on plate processing

The INVEX cloud-based metal software offers comprehensive functionality for metal and steel plate service centers as well as plate processors. INVEX enables these metal companies to place an order for a variety of cut shapes or irregular sketches, and fulfill the order using a multi-step production functions. Common plate cutting business cases such as plasma cutting or oxy cutting can be handled quickly and out-of-the-box.

These metal companies, also referred to as metal and steel plate stockholders, normally carry a wide range of products which includes metal and steel plate of a variety of thicknesses and sizes.

Orders can be fulfilled using the multi-step routing function that can fulfill an order across a single or multiple warehouses.

This can include outside processing steps; all required transfers are automatically created.


  • Fast entry of quotes and orders
  • Fulfill pick and ship orders quickly
  • Buyouts and back-to-back orders
  • Direct ship orders (mill to customer direct)
  • Kits and assemblies (fabrications)
  • Ability to enter orders for repetitive parts
  • Single or multi-step multi-plant processing
  • Outside processing for processes such as galvanizing
  • Handles processes like sawing, plate cutting, drilling, bending
  • Customer consignment
  • Counter sales
  • Non-Conformance function for complaints and claims
  • Receive inbound material while in-transit from the mill on a vessel, truck, or barge


Quotes and orders can be entered quickly with full view of stock and sales history during entry. For spot sales, orders can be entered quickly using short cut codes or product coding attributes native to the industry.


Quotes and orders can be entered for circles, rings, triangles, and additional shapes that include irregular sketches. Irregular sketch diagrams or DXF files can be attached to the order item.


For processes such as plate cutting or plasma burning, price books to help calculate the cutting charge and build up the price. A capacity planning function helps verify the due date to the customer.

stacked with features

INVEX enables digital transformation for metal
service centers focused on plate processing


  • Products can be managed by tag, heat, or location control
  • Specific or real-time average costing
  • Flexible stock search features to search by grade, finish, width and length
  • Option to search inventory by chemistry or mechanical test results
  • Drop (remnants) can be viewed in the same inquiry as stock material
  • Plate diagrams can be viewed for irregular shaped plates that remain after plate processing
  • Inventory Replenishment functions and tools


The processing of plate could yield a drop (also referred to as a remnant) plate with multiple cut outs or ‘dog legs’. This plate diagram can be recorded in INVEX and viewed in the stock inquiry.

metal service center software A desktop computer displays the INVEX quote placement screen, where a user can edit the custom shape of a plate.


Fast entry of quotes and orders with real-time access to inventory and pricing information makes all the difference.


  • Fast quote to order conversion
  • Short cut entry mode to speed up quote entry
  • Enter quotes for prospects
  • Source a single order from different warehouses
  • Integrated metal price book
  • Plate cutting, drilling, and edge grinding pricing tables
  • Duplicate a quote or order
  • Multi-currency pricing
metal service center software A sales order in INVEX is shown on a laptop computer screen.


A highly advanced and integrated Sales Order Status Desktop enables sales and customer service staff to view a comprehensive status of a customer order. Consolidated in a single, clear view, the INVEX Sales Order Status includes production planning, scheduling, shop floor progression, outside processing status, ready-to-ship designation, and logistics status



  • Value-add costing
  • Capacity Planning
  • Production Scheduling
  • Multi-step processing (plasma burn, drill, grind)
  • Item route can be across multiple warehouses (multi-plant)
  • Item route can include outside processing steps
  • Planning function to group multiple orders onto the same Production Job
  • Drop (remnant) costing table to automatically reduce the cost of a drop
  • Integration with plate nesting software SigmaNEST
  • Record the run, setup, and down time
  • Record picking on a mobile device


Picks can be recorded directly on the shop floor with a mobile device. The picker can scan the bar coded material being picked, print a shipping label, and if required package the material in a box directly from the mobile device. A label can be printed for the remaining bundle of material.

metal service center software A picking INVEX screen is displayed on a mobile device.


INVEX shipment planning is completely online. A comprehensive multi-layer inquiry to view sales orders and inter-warehouse transfers can organize and summarize orders by delivery route or shipping zone for better load consolidation.


  • Transport lineup shows all planned delivery loads by scheduled date and time
  • Shipping staff can view available capacity and route information
  • Loading List can be printed to help load the truck
  • Print a Packing List or Bill of Lading
  • Sequence the stops
  • Copy of the original mill cert or company certs are auto-printed and/or emailed
  • Plan a load with multiple warehouse pick-up points
  • Finished goods can be staged or live-loaded onto the truck


This function verifies that the material that is being loaded or has been loaded on a Vehicle is the correct material and that the transport includes all the items that were planned for delivery. Using a mobile device, the operator scans the barcoded Shipping Labels attached to the material that has been loaded.

metal service center software A mobile phone displays INVEX's load verification of a shipping transport.