building products

INVEX software built for service centers focused on producing building materials

The INVEX metal software offers a comprehensive set of features and functions that are specific to companies that produce profiled panels and metal building composite panels made from pre-painted and coated metals.

Common business cases such as producing painted slit coil and roll forming the slit product into a profiled panel or flashing, can be handled quickly and out-of-the-box. Other common processes include composite panel manufacturing, cut-down front/exit shearing, press brake/folding, slitting, painting, and anodizing.

In addition to profiled panels and composite panels, these building products companies, also referred to as metal roofing service centers, handle and manufacture a variety of other products that includes flashing, roof underlayment, fixtures, fittings, fasteners and accessories.

Orders can be fulfilled using the multi-step routing function that can fulfill an order across a single or multiple warehouses.

This can include outside processing steps; all required transfers are automatically created.

This INVEX screen shows routing, or the series of steps in which metal is processed for use by a customer


  • Receive inbound painted coils while in-transit from the mill on a vessel, truck, or barge
  • Receive owned or customer owned material
  • Spot quotes and orders
  • Contract orders for repetitive parts
  • Single or multi-step multi-plant processing
  • Outside processing for processes such as painting
  • Handles processes such as roll forming and composite panel manufacturing
  • Handles the painting of coils internally or at an outside processor
  • Produce flashing from slit coil or sheets
  • Customer consignment
  • Non-Conformance function for complaints and claims


INVEX handles bare coil, coated and painted coil inventory as well as the slitting and cut-to-length processes to produce the slit coil and sheet.


Profiled Panels are produced by roll forming flat metal products into profiled or grooved panels. For sales and production purposes, INVEX tracks both the consumed width of the flat metal as well as the finished width of the profiled panel.

built for various
business cases

INVEX supports companies that produce metal building composite
and profiled panels made from pre-painted and coated metals.



  • Coils inventory controls piece, weight, length (feet or meters) and area
  • Sheet and flat panels can be inventoried by piece, weight, and length
  • Items such as screws, rivets, and clips can be inventoried and sold by piece
  • Roof underlayment can be inventoried by the piece/roll
  • Foam core, and strippable film can be consumed during production
  • Flexible stock search features to search by grade, color gauge (thickness), width and length
  • Maintain chemistry, mechanical results, specifications (ASTM, ASME, etc.) for inventory
  • Drop (remnants) can be viewed in the same inquiry as master coils
  • Full cycle inventory tag tracing (trace from parent to child)
  • Receive and toll process customer owned inventory (toll processing)
  • Vendor Consigned Inventory


The variable dimensions of a product (width for coils, width and length for sheet, length for panels and profiles, length for flashing) are automatically and dynamically maintained. This eliminates the need to create or generate specific product codes or numbers for each unique combination of dimensions created as a by-product of production and purchasing. For example, panels can be sold in stock lengths and custom lengths.



  • Fast quote to order conversion
  • Panels can be sold by the Piece, Length, area or weight
  • INVEX dynamically converts the price to the selected unit of measure
  • Relevant quantities are automatically calculated for invoicing.
we see aluminum steel panels used for building materials


Project Orders are designed to allow architectural metal product companies to set up a large job at a summary level, indicating the total quantity of each panel and the corresponding price. As the contractor issues specific releases, the INVEX Orders can be quickly created from the Project Order. This enables the panel manufacturer to keep track of the planned and released quantities and provide a status and history of the entire project. Typically, contractors will release only the material required for the section(s) of the building that are ready for the panel installation.


‘Job Supply’ is an optional Quote/Order entry mode that is streamlined for use in orders that supply a series of panels where there may be different cut lengths for each panel and color specified on the order. The order entry function has been structured for this particular market sector to enable the piece and mark numbers to be recorded for each cut length. In addition to the length of the panel, contractors will also specify additional reference information required for production, packaging or unloading purposes. The purpose of this is to provide the staff that stacks the panels on skids with accurate skid content so as to eliminate the need to calculate or monitor the weight of each skid.

  • ID Number – ID number for each cut-length that corresponds to the building drawings
  • Cut-Back – used in composite panels to denote the amount of cut-back for insulation
  • Handling – used in composite panels to indicate the handling direction



  • Multi-step processing (slit and roll)
  • Online inquiry functions for planning, scheduling, and production recording
  • Planning function to group multiple orders onto the same Production Job
  • Roll form process to consume coils and produce multiple panel lengths
  • Composite panels can be produced from two coils with foam added during the process
  • Slitting layout function to specify the arbor layout, breaks/stops, and edge trim
  • Special layout functions for panel roll forming, cut-to-length, and shearing processes
  • Multiple sets of sheets or panels can be stacked on a common skid to create a ‘lift’


Recording production is simple and fast. The specialized processing-plans help automate the generation of the planned production and only require operators to confirm what was produced.



A Lift represents a set of sheets or panels of the same or different sizes and/or lengths that have been stacked on a common skid or other type of package. All items in a skid must be for the same customer ship-to. INVEX uses lifts to control packaging, labels, as well as the loading and unloading operation.