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INVEX software built for metal and steel rolling mills focused on producing various coil and sheet products

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INVEX offers comprehensive functionality for metal and steel rolling mills that produce metal and steel coil and sheet products as well as metal and steel sections from slabs, billets or ingots. Common business cases such as metal and steel rolling, annealing, and pickling can be handled which provides a strong foundation to the order fulfillment process complete with API integration capabilities.

The INVEX metal software handles the rolling mill production process from the slab or billet to produce a variety of products which includes metal and steel coils, sheets, plate, billets, bars, and sections. INVEX can also handle post-production processes which could include slitting, cut-to-length, plate-cutting or sawing prior to the finished product being shipped to the customer. For integrated mills, the slab or billet can be ‘passed’ to the INVEX software to handle the finishing processes. The benefit is a cost effective solution than handles the multi-step and multi-plant processing that specializes in metal products.

Production includes specialized layout functions for metal and steel The order fulfillment process allow for multi-step and multi-warehouse process routing for the multiple production processes required at a rolling mill, which can include re-work processes.

Value-add costs are accumulated at each step and all transfers are created automatically between warehouses for multi-plant processing.


  • Contract orders for repetitive parts
  • Single or multi-step multi-plant processing
  • Handles the rolling, annealing, quenching, galvanizing and pickling processes
  • Outside processing for processes such as coating or coil painting
  • Slitting, cut-to-length, decoilling, blanking, shearing, multi-strand blanking
  • Pickling and galvanizing a coil
  • Integration with annealing lines
  • Non-Conformance function for complaints and claims
  • Load planning and Shipping


INVEX provides a number of API’s to integrate with processing equipment controllers and systems as well as external production, scheduling and optimization systems.


Chemical or mechanical test information can be recorded as needed during the production process.


Faster and easier to implement EDI with EDIX. EDI is an EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) ready platform for metal service centers that makes it faster and easier to implement EDI.

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INVEX handles production processes from the slab or billet to produce such as metal and steel coils, sheets, plate, billets, bars, and sections.



  • Products can be managed by tag along with heat and location control
  • Handles slab inventory with a dynamic thickness, width and length
  • Handles billet inventory with a dynamic cross section and length
  • Flexible stock search features to search by grade, finish gauge (thickness), width and length
  • Maintain chemistry, mechanical results, specifications (ASTM, ASME, etc.) for inventory
  • Full cycle inventory tag tracing (trace from parent to child)
  • Each produced tag maintains an audit trail of the process history
  • Material can be placed on hold to prevent production or shipment


  • Search by spec (ASTM, ASME, etc.)
  • Search by chemistry range
  • Search by mechanical results
  • Conditions, holds, & quality codes
  • PIW and KCW ranges
  • View substitute products
  • Wild card grade and finish codes
The INVEX Stock Available inventory screen is shown on a desktop computer screen.


INVEX provides unique feature for contract sales where multi-release contract orders can be entered by customer part number.


  • Setup of repetitive customer parts
  • Viewing finished good JIT inventory produced in advance to a customer part
  • Sales can view a list of customer parts and view the finished goods that are ready for shipment
  • Sell sheet based on actual, theoretical minimum, or nominal weight
  • Order status inquiry to view the status of each step (scheduled, in-process, completed)
  • Duplicate a quote or order
  • Multi-currency pricing
A sales order in INVEX is shown on a laptop computer screen.



  • Value add costing
  • Multi-step processing (e.g. roll, anneal, roll, slit)
  • Online inquiry functions for planning, scheduling, and production recording
  • Specialized layout functions for metal and steel slitting, cut-to-length, and shearing at weigh stations
  • Barcoded production labels for scanning
  • Multiple banding and packaging modes using a shop-floor tablet
  • Electronic scale integration
  • Record actual thickness and dimension measurements for slit coil or sheet
  • One of more slit coils can be ‘packaged’ onto a single tag
  • Record actual coil length for slit coils based on customer requirements
A tablet mobile device displays the Job Recording screen in INVEX.


INVEX shipment planning is completely online. A comprehensive multi-layer inquiry to view sales orders and inter-warehouse transfers can organize and summarize orders by delivery route or shipping zone for better load consolidation.


  • Transport lineup shows all planned delivery loads by scheduled date and time
  • Shipping staff can view available capacity and route information
  • Loading List can be printed to help load the truck
  • Print a Packing List or Bill of Lading
  • Sequence the stops
  • Copy of the original mill cert or company certs are auto-printed and/or emailed
  • Plan a load with multiple warehouse pick-up points
  • Finished goods can be staged or live-loaded onto the truck


This function verifies that the material that is being loaded or has been loaded on a Vehicle is the correct material and that the transport includes all the items that were planned for delivery. Using a mobile device, the operator scans the barcoded Shipping Labels attached to the material that has been loaded.

A mobile phone displays INVEX's load verification of a shipping transport.