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Invera provides implementation and support services for the metal industry ERP software INVEX. Although no implementation is the same, the typical implementation of the INVEX steel software can range from 6 to 8 months from the date the training process begins.

Invera’s enterprise software implementation process for metal and steel service centers is systematic and field-proven. It is designed to shorten the time to implement, reduce risk, and maximize operational efficiency and is supported by highly skilled business and technical staff.


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Product Support

Our customer services center is staffed by industry specialists and technology experts. This provides a single point of highly specialized, professional support for our customers around the world (U.S., Canada, Europe, Far East, South Africa, and Mexico).

European Implementation

For INVEX software implementations in Europe, customers can elect to use Invera’s implementation partner, Prodin Business Solutions, located in the Netherlands.


  • Implementing Invera metal software solutions since 2005
  • Prodin consultants know the metal industry
  • Assist with adding extensions to the software for custom requirements
  • Report writing and data migration services
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100’s of resources on INVEX Education

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INVEX Education, an all-access Learning Management System (LMS), allows a direct connection to an extensive media library containing videos, brochures, and training documents. Users can take control of their learning anytime, anywhere, on any device.