Metal Service Center Software

INVEX is a cloud-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) software designed exclusively for metal service centers, featuring a specialized e-commerce platform tailored to the unique requirements of the metal industry.  The INVEX metal software provides a comprehensive set of metal-specific features with a state-of-the-art cloud-based technology stack and an intuitive native web user interface.

Significantly, INVEX incorporates a metal-specific e-commerce software platform, further enhancing its functionality for the metal industry.  INVEX is used by metal service centers, metal stockholders, plate processors, metal distributors, metal processors, steel toll processors, building product distributors, and steel tube mills that produce tubes from slit coils. 

Metal ERP Software

INVEX offers a turn-key solution with a distinctive value proposition driven by continuous investment in cutting-edge technology and product development. From desktop to tablet and mobile applications, INVEX facilitates digital transformation for the metal industry and ensures swift implementation at steel service centers with minimal, if any, software modifications. 

Metal at its core

Built specifically for the metal industry, INVEX uses native, metal-specific attributes across all screens and functions, making it the ideal choice for metal service centers everywhere.

Hand-held insights

Robust mobile and tablet applications support the INVEX infrastructure by allowing management to make data-driven decisions and improve overall warehouse efficiency.

Versatility is key

INVEX is equipped to handle hundreds of business cases across multiple product lines. This versatility makes it easy to implement across multiple companies around the world.

Top-Tier Technology

INVEX is a turn-key, web-based enterprise software solution that provides a unique value proposition through our continued investment in top-tier technology and product development in desktop, tablet, and mobile applications, providing digital transformation for the metal industry. INVEX can be implemented at a steel service center quickly with few if any, modifications.

The Metal ERP + E-Commerce
Software Solution

The INVEX metal software combined with a ready-to-use E-Commerce solution provides a unique combined solution in the metal industry space. As quotes and orders are submitted by customers through the e-commerce platform, these orders are then created, fulfilled, and invoiced by the metal ERP software. Customers can also browse inventory, for items such as stainless angles or steel sheets, before adding the items to an easy-to-use cart. 

Cost-Effective Metal Software Solution

INVEX metal software products offer a cost-effective implementation process with minimal or no modifications required, distinguishing them from generic software solutions. The platform-independent technology further enhances cost efficiency by eliminating the need for third-party components and licenses, including proprietary databases. 

invex metal manufacturing cloud based epr software The INVEX-Financials module is shown on three monitor screens.

metal-specific features

invex metal manufacturing cloud based epr software A gif image shows an INVEX user editing the dimensions of a custom shape while placing a quote.

Product line-based features

Each product line can have order fulfillment and process flow differences. A general metal service center needs to quote a saw-cut angle quickly and have it cut in the warehouse for same-day or next-day delivery. A flat rolled service center that produces finished slit coils in advance, to a blanket Sales Order, has its own unique requirements. Best-in-class metal ERP software

fast handling of business cases

invex metal manufacturing cloud based epr software A GIF image shows an INVEX user adjusting the quantity of a product in a quote.

Optimized for efficiency

From the moment the quote is entered, to when the order is taken, and production starts, each step in INVEX is fast and intuitive. Our customers save hours in a day or week compared to solutions that are not made for the metal industry or have not been optimized for these cases. Best-in-class metal ERP software

product attribute based inventory

invex metal manufacturing cloud based epr software A GIF image shows an INVEX user looking up the available stock inventory of a product.

No part numbers

The inventory control and access methods used in the metal industry are unique. INVEX inventory coding is based on the metal product’s native attributes that are familiar within the industry. INVEX eliminates the use of traditional, complex, cumbersome part numbers. The industry rarely refers to inventory by a generic part number, and a wide variety of product dimensions would require hundreds of thousands of part numbers. Best-in-class metal ERP software

INVEX Highlights

  • Metal-specific inventory attributes
  • Flexible stock search
  • Inventory Planning and MRP functions
  • Fast Quote and Order Entry functions
  • Real-time order status for Sales
  • Production Scheduling
  • Capacity Planning
  • Shop-floor mobile and tablet functions
  • Record production on the shop floor
  • Integrated Outside Processing
  • Multi-plant multi-step processing
  • On-line transport load planning
  • Non-conforming reporting
  • Web customer portal and eCommerce
  • Multi-Company and Multi-Branch
  • Multi-lingual and multi-currency
  • Workflow-enabled
  • Integrated AR, AP, and GL
  • Integrated with 3rd Party Financial Systems
  • EDI ready platform

All slitting and cut-to-length production planning and scheduling is done on-line, and this has in turn provided superior visibility of the sales orders, at each phase of production until the final shipment. We are proud of the fact that we implemented this software in 8 months with no software modifications, which allowed us to move forward and keep our focus on our valued customers.”