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invex customer extensions and api’s

INVEX is a cloud-based metal enterprise software system that provides top-tier technology with robust functionality and is fast to implement out of the box. However, there can be an occasional need for a metal service center to extend the use of INVEX functionality to meet a metal service center’s company specific requirement.

This includes:

  • Creation of user defined fields
  • Add user defined fields to INVEX screens and forms
  • Connect external and custom applications or 3rd party systems
  • Customize business documents

user defined fields

User defined fields can be defined and added to accommodate specific company operation, reporting and management requirements. For example, this could be used to add user-defined fields to the Customer or Vendor Account in the INVEX metal software.

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grid display and screens

Once the user-defined fields have been defined, they can be added to the INVEX grid displays and forms for additional flexibility. Some other examples include:

  • Custom specific fields a salesperson may need to enter into a quote or order
  • Warehouse team entering quality measurements on a job
  • Purchasing team providing additional info on an item being purchased
  • Additional Customer or Vendor reference information
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INVEX has the capability to interface with external customer applications or 3rd party systems using the native API’s. For example, in Sales, a Metal Price Book API can be used for a metal service center to call their own external price book, instead of using the price book built in INVEX.


INVEX allows a customer to perform custom validations. As information is entered in INVEX, a metal service center can add their own validations and checks prior to the transaction, such as a SO or PO, from being released for fulfillment.


INVEX is designed to insulate company custom applications from changes related to INVEX upgrades. This enables companies to upgrade to new versions of INVEX with no or minimal changes and impact to their applications.