The cloud-based INVEX functionality extends to a suite of mobile applications allowing sales managers, warehouse employees and salespeople to make well informed, data driven decisions and keep track of business activity right from their mobile devices. These apps turn vast amounts of valuable sales, operational, and production data from the INVEX ERP database into actionable intelligence. INVEX OPS, INVEX OPS Mobile, and INVEX GO run effortlessly on iOS and Android devices empowering metal service centers with the flexibility to do business from the palm of their hands.

INVEX ops mobile

INVEX OPS provides shop-floor mobile functions for the operations department. This facilitates the move of certain functions currently performed in the office, into the warehouse. It allows information to be updated on a real-time basis as the operation is performed.


  • Print/View Tag
  • Attach a photo to a Tag
  • Location Management
  • Picture Attachments
  • Pick Recording
  • Create a Package
  • Flow Through Recording (Inspection)
  • Physical Inventory
  • Transport Load Verification
  • Shipping Holds
  • Tag Information

INVEX ops Tablet

INVEX-OPS provides the operations department tabled based functions that can be used in receiving or production. Screens are optimized for the task at hand, with a streamlined entry for a fast learning curve.


  • Inventory Receiving
  • Production Recording
  • Coil and Sheet Packaging Line
  • Finished Goods Packaging
  • Down-Time Recording
  • Tube mill packaging


INVEX-GO is a real-time mobile sales application for the metal industry. Management and sales teams can now get their metal business KPI’s and metrics while on the go. INVEX-GO provides an overview of current sales activity for your metal service center, inventory levels, and customer sales related information, all from a single, easy to use mobile application.


  • Scoreboard
  • Daily Snapshot
  • Customer 360
  • Salesperson 360
  • Stock Inquiry
  • Inventory & Order Status
  • Sales Analysis
  • Schedule Inquiry
  • Accounts Receivable

“The real-time, shop floor data collection functions also provide an exact status of an order in production whether it is picked, slit, or oscillate wound or in shipping if the order is planned for shipment or shipped. The visibility our salespeople have of their orders has been a huge benefit, with our sales staff able to quickly and accurately provide the status for our customers.”