INVEX OPS tablet

INVEX OPS tablet application provides the operations department tabled based functions that can be used in receiving or production. Screens are optimized for the task at hand, with a streamlined entry for a fast learning curve.  


  • Inventory Receiving
  • Production Recording
  • Coil and Sheet Packaging Line
  • Finished Goods Packaging
  • Down-Time Recording
  • Tube mill packaging

INVEX cloud-based metal ERP software. 

Discover the efficiency revolution with INVEX-OPS tablet applications, empowering your warehouse team for seamless real-time recording on the shop floor. Bid farewell to the days of constant trips to a terminal or the office for paperwork – our metal service center is now operating smarter and faster.

Unlock the potential of INVEX, our robust and intuitive cloud-based metal ERP software. Our cutting-edge web-based apps cover a spectrum of functions, including receiving, flat rolled packaging, lift creation for packaging finished goods, and downtime recording, all seamlessly integrated with full barcode scanning capabilities.

The production weight recording application facilitates effortless scanning of slit coils, allowing you to build packages efficiently. Revolutionize your shipping process with the INVEX-OPS lift application, enabling warehouse staff to bundle multiple finished items into a single lift or package for shipping. Imagine consolidating diverse bar items into one box for a customer order – INVEX-OPS streamlines the process, with shipping documents clearly indicating the bundled items for loading and shipping purposes.

Designed exclusively for mobile devices, INVEX-OPS is the next-generation solution in the INVEX web product line. Experience a plethora of features tailored for the shop floor, including material marking, staging, downtime recording, and detailed production reports – all accessible from your mobile tablet devices. No modifications are required; INVEX-OPS is ready to boost your operational efficiency straight out of the box.