Automate Your Transaction Processing with INVEX-EDIX

INVEX-EDIX is the EDI-ready platform that enables you to provide top-tier customer service through automated, real-time transaction processing within INVEX ERP, thereby greatly reducing manual data entry and reconciliation efforts between your customers, vendors, and outside processors.

This cutting-edge technology allows metal service centers to control data communications, maximize efficiency, minimize errors, and increase productivity without increasing staff.

INVEX-EDIX supports the following inbound and outbound EDI transactions using common EDI standards:

  • 801 – Invoice
  • 846 – Inventory Handoff
  • 856 – Advanced Shipping Notice
  • 861 – Receipt Acknowledgement
  • 863 – Test Results
  • 870 – Production Reporting
  • 850 – Purchase Order (Outbound)

Using INVEX-EDIX, even outside processing jobs can be fully automated. Material can be sent from a mill to an outside processor, be processed, and then sent to a customer; meanwhile, the job status will be updated automatically in the INVEX ERP.

INVEX-EDIX uses intelligent intermediate data structures that are hosted by third party EDI providers to import and export EDI transactions without granting them access to your ERP database tables. INVEX-EDIX also includes a real-time EDI monitoring utility, Sentry, where EDI transactions can be viewed and managed.

Automate your business-to-business data communications using EDI and unlock your metal service center’s potential today with INVEX-EDIX.

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