INVEX Cloud Metal ERP Announces Multi-Company Functions for Metal Service Centers

Montreal, Canada – The cloud-based metal software INVEX announces multi-company features for metal service center groups that operate multiple service centers as separate companies but interact together for operational synergies. These features include a multi-company enterprise stock lookup as well as features to facilitate the arm’s lengths transactions between companies.

Viewing stock across an enterprise, which can contain multiple metal companies in the same or different countries, eliminates the need to log into separate companies to view stock.

“Some of our metal service center customers have multiple companies within the US, across North America, or span across the world,” said Peter Doucet, Vice President of Sales. “Our customers use the multi-company enterprise stock lookup to view stock across all companies and warehouses with the click of a button and even view heat and tag information to quickly identify which location has the required stock.” 

Facilitating the arm’s length transactions between companies, which are the buy and sell between two companies, makes it faster to perform this process and eliminates the double entry between companies.

For the arm’s length transactions, the Inter-Company transactions are supported whether the Companies are within the same Database, or in different Databases, different currencies and or metric and non-metric inventory control.

When the purchasing company enters a Purchase Order against the supplying company, the Sales Order is automatically created in the supplying company. When the supply company ships the goods to the company that purchased the material, a pre-receipt is automatically created in the purchasing company. This eliminates the manual entry of the Sales Order in the supplying company as well as entering the receipt when the goods arrive from the supplying company.

This feature can also be used for buyouts, also referred to as a back-to-back, where the purchasing company is purchasing the material from the supplying company for a Sales Order to a customer. This also includes a direct ship Sales Orders, where the material is shipped directly from the supplying company to the customer.

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