INVEX: The New Metal Industry Cloud Solution

INVEX is a premium metal-centric ERP system that provides metal service centers and distributors with a ready-to-use enterprise system that focuses on speed, agility, and maximum ROI for your metal business, out of the box. 

A robust and comprehensive feature set encompasses flat rolled, general line, plate, bar, and pipe service centers along with toll processors and tube mills with full handling of all metal forms and products.
With our on-demand cloud hosting service, we host and you relax. Using our SOC2-certified data centers to host your data means you don’t need to worry about maintaining servers anymore.

Under the hood, you’ll find everything running on a platform independent, Linux-based OS supporting web-based applications in over 50 API integration points for added flexibility. A natively integrated EDI platform is available to facilitate and accelerate the implementation of EDI automation with your trading partners and outside processors.
With over 35 years of metal industry experience and best practices built in, INVEX is a turnkey solution that provides a unique value proposition through our continued investment in top-tier technology and product development in desktop, tablet, and mobile applications to provide a best in-class metal industry ERP solution.

SteelSummit – Implements INVEX, a Metal Enterprise Software in 12 Months

Murfreesboro, TN – SteelSummit Holdings, a flat rolled metals distributor and processor, has implemented INVEX, a metal service center enterprise software from Invera, in less than 12 months across 5 locations. The implementation was performed by Prodin Business Solutions. SteelSummit (SSH) implemented the full suite of INVEX metal software features for inventory management, steel purchasing,…

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Streamline Your Metal Service Center with INVEX-GO

Dallas, TX –In the dynamic world of metal service centers, staying ahead of customer demands is key. That’s where INVEX-GO, a powerful mobile app designed for the metal industry, comes into play. Simplified Sales Process INVEX-GO offers real-time inventory and customer order information right at your fingertips. Your metal sales team can effortlessly access quotes,…

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Implement Faster With INVEX Learning Resources

Dallas, TX –In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, having state-of-the-art tools combined with effective on-line training is more than just a luxury – it’s a necessity. The INVEX metal ERP software is complemented by a treasure trove of robust training resources available on our learning management platform (LMS), Invera Education. Implement faster, with a deeper…

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INVEX Metal ERP for Metal and Steel Toll Processing  

Dallas, TX – INVEX, the cloud-based metal industry ERP software announces features specific for metal and steel toll processing companies that process customer-owned inventory. Production processes such as metal and steel coil slitting, de-coiling, and cut-to-length as well as features unique to the billing for toll processing can all be handled quickly and out of…

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INVEX Metal ERP – Announces Vessel Management System 

Dallas, TX – INVEX, the cloud-based metal industry ERP software for metal service centers and metal distribution announces a vessel management system to track material in transit to the final destination. The INVEX function handles the inbound material and any transfers between the point of ownership and the final destination.  INVEX is a premium metal-centric…

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INVEX Metal ERP – Implementation Services now Available in Dutch 

Dallas, TX – INVEX, the cloud-based metal industry ERP software for metal service centers and metal distribution is now available in Dutch with implementation services that can be provided in Dutch by Prodin, an Invera Implementation Partner located in the Netherlands. The INVEX web-based platform comes fully integrated with metal-specific e-commerce functions and can be…

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