INVEX Metal ERP for Metal and Steel Toll Processing  

Dallas, TX – INVEX, the cloud-based metal industry ERP software announces features specific for metal and steel toll processing companies that process customer-owned inventory. Production processes such as metal and steel coil slitting, de-coiling, and cut-to-length as well as features unique to the billing for toll processing can all be handled quickly and out of the box.

Toll processing in the INVEX metal software can be performed on coil products as well as virtually any process such as shearing, rolling, galvanizing, painting, pickling, and cold rolling. Toll processing companies are also referred to as metal and steel toll conversion or toll manufacturing.  The INVEX ERP Toll processing functionality can encompass all types of products and processes including bars, plate, pipe and tubes.  


The sales order entry function has a streamlined order entry function that starts with the entry of the customer tag or consumed coil product.  

Features include:  

  • Setup of repetitive customer parts  
  • Sales can indicate if the toll material is produced to stock or for shipment  
  • Viewing finished good JIT inventory produced in advance for a customer part  
  • Sales can view a list of customer parts and view the finished goods that are ready for shipment  
  • Specify if sheet weight is based on actual, theoretical minimum, or nominal weight  
  • Email material receipt acknowledgment to the customer  
  • Customer inventory statements  
  • Charges for processing, skids can differ by line item  


  • Multi-step processing (slit, cut-to-length/decoiling, shear)  
  • Production Planning function to group multiple items onto the same Production Job  
  • Specialized layout functions for metal and steel slitting, cut-to-length, and shearing  
  • Handles single and multi-strand oscillate winding  
  • Handles multi-strand blanking that combines the attributes of slitting and cut-to-length  
  • Barcoded production labels for scanning at weigh stations  
  • Multiple banding and packaging modes using shop-floor Tablet functions  
  • One or more slit coils can be ‘packaged’ onto a single tag  
  • Record actual coil length for slit coils based on the customer’s requirement  


The invoicing function has a streamlined invoicing function specific to toll processing and the related processing charges.  

  • Automated invoicing at the time of production or shipment  
  • Automated scrap credit options based on the customer and type of processing  
  • Option to invoice freight separately  
  • Ability to charge for skids when billing at the time of production  
  • Customer inventory statements  
  • Option to invoice based on consumed (gross) or produced (net) weight by process 

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