INVEX Metal ERP for Building Products and Panel Production 

Dallas, TX – INVEX, the cloud-based metal industry ERP software has expanded the features specific for building products companies that produce painted profiled panels and metal building composite panels made from pre-painted and coated metals. 

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INVEX is the leading cloud metal ERP software for the metal industry that is used by metal service centers and distributors. The metal software provides out-of-the-box features for metal companies that produce and sell building products also referred to as metal roofing service centers that produce slit coil, and then roll forming that slit product into a profiled panel or flashing.  

Other common processes that are handled include composite panel manufacturing, cut-down front/exit shearing, press brake/folding, slitting, painting, and anodizing. In addition to profiled panels and composite panels, INVEX handles a variety of other products that include flashing, roof underlayment, fixtures, fittings, fasteners, and accessories. 

Inventory Control

For inventory control, INVEX handles bare coil, coated, and painted coil inventory as well as the slitting and cut-to-length processes to produce the slit coil and sheet. Coil’s inventory controls include the pieces, weight, length (feet or meters), and area. Sheet and flat panels can be inventoried by piece, weight, and length. Items such as screws, rivets, and clips can be inventoried and sold by piece.


For sales, INVEX handles projects that are designed to allow architectural metal product companies to set up a large job at a summary level, indicating the total quantity of each panel and the corresponding price. As the contractor issues specific releases, the INVEX Orders can be quickly created from the Project Order. 

Sales can also quickly enter quotes and orders to supply a series of panels, to supply a series of panels where there may be different cut lengths for each panel and color specified on the order. The order entry function has been structured for this particular market sector to enable the piece and mark numbers to be recorded for each cut length.  

In addition to the length of the panel, contractors will also specify additional reference information required for production, packaging, or unloading purposes. The purpose of this is to provide the staff that stacks the panels on skids with accurate skid content so as to eliminate the need to calculate or monitor the weight of each skid. 


In production, profiled panels are produced by roll-forming flat metal products into profiled or grooved panels. For sales and production purposes, INVEX tracks both the consumed width of the flat metal as well as the finished width of the profiled panel. 

INVEX also handles the production of composite panels. Composite Panels, also referred to as ‘sandwiches’, are made up of two cover sheets with a core comprised of a rigid foam or fire-retardant core. Panels can have flat surfaces on both sides or a profile on top and a flat sheet on the bottom. Composite panels can be sold by the piece, weight, lineal measure, area, or lot charge. 

In addition, for packaging, to maximize user productivity, material handling, and packaging functions, INVEX includes a flexible Advanced Lift Planning function that enables the content of each lift (skid, pallet, box, etc.) to be planned in advance prior to production, based on the customer’s packaging requirements. The purpose of this is to provide the staff that stacks the panels on skids with accurate skid content to eliminate the need to calculate or monitor the weight of each skid. 

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