Monarch Steel Implements STRATIX ERP with No Customizations in 4 Months

Monarch Steel Company, Inc., in Cleveland, Ohio, has implemented the cloud-based STRATIX metal service center software from Invera, a metal industry software specialist. The STRATIX ERP software implementation was performed with no software customizations.

Monarch Steel implemented a full complement of STRATIX features including inventory management, purchasing, sales, online production planning, coil and sheet processing functions, shop-floor production recording, job scheduling, online shipment planning, slit coil production weight recording, as well as EDI transactions.

For sales, Monarch Steel benefits from the Order Status Desktop, which shows a comprehensive status of the customer order at a single glance. Since the picking, slitting, blanking, and cut-to-length processing steps are being recorded in the warehouse, the Sales Department can see an order’s status as it goes through each process — whether scheduled, in process, or complete.

We implemented the STRATIX software in only 4 months from the start of core team training, with no software customizations needed. The software’s functionality aligned seamlessly with our business processes and allowed for rapid implementation. The company has also realized significant benefits from the enhanced management reporting capabilities provided by the STRATIX software.”

Ryan Amoroso, Senior Business Analyst

For production, Monarch Steel now uses an on-line production planning screen, where multiple order items can be highlighted and grouped together to create a single slitting job. The planner can then specify the arbor layout and OD breaks, as well as additional slitting specific functions such as run full or partial, slit and re-slit, and trim. This includes implementing the multiple banding and packaging features which uses bar coded pre-production slit coil ID labels that are affixed to the coils, and later used during packaging to band, scan and weigh the slit coils.  The scheduling function has enabled management to better understand order volume and backlog, resulting in improved customer service.

Monarch Steel also implemented toll processing features for customer-owned metal products. These features include a streamlined Toll Order Entry function as well as specialized features for invoicing and reporting. The customer can be billed at time of shipment or production, based on consumed or produced weight, or for any charges related to scrap and storage.

The on-line Shipping Planning function provides a comprehensive, multi-layer inquiry that summarizes orders by customer, delivery route, or delivery zone for better load consolidation. The shipping department can highlight orders and create a load with a single click.

About Monarch Steel

Monarch Steel Company, Inc., founded in 1934 and headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, is one of the country’s largest providers of hot rolled, cold rolled and galvanized steel products.  The Company provides value-added processing of flat-rolled products from its service centers in Cleveland, Ohio and Decatur, Alabama, as well as ERW tubing from its Parthenon Tube, Inc. operation in La Vergne, Tennessee and its Southeast Tube, Inc. operation in Cadiz, Kentucky.

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